If you have been following my Facebook page, you will know that soon I will be heading off to the annual IVUSS conference in Amsterdam.  What is IVUSS, you may ask?  IVUSS stands for the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society.  The purpose of this organization is to promote the advancement of knowledge in veterinary small animal diagnostic ultrasound imaging and interpretation.  IVUSS also works to establish and promote uniform ultrasound standards and guidelines for small animal veterinarians.

The organization fosters and encourages ultrasound education amongst its’ members.  IVUSS members also benefit from the dissemination of the latest research and scientific progress in small animal veterinary ultrasound by attending the annual meetings.

At this year’s conference, an international group of veterinary cardiology, radiology, and internal medicine specialists will be speaking on the applications of ultrasound for canine heart disease, feline heart disease, ophthalmic ultrasound (ultrasound of the eye), congenital liver disease, and endocrine disease.  I am looking forward to learning more about all of these topics, but am especially interested in learning more about ophthalmic ultrasound.  Did you know that ultrasound can be used to examine the retina at the back of the eye?  With ultrasound, the back of the eye can be well visualized, even if the eye is cloudy with inflammation.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing my colleagues and learning new skills.  Best of all, however, will be bringing that information back home and using it to help better the lives of our clients and pets here.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Dr. Melissa Weisman